Real Estate Fraud


Real Estate Fraud


Real Estate Fraud

Consumer Alerts

Warning from DRE: California Department of Real Estate Warning

While there are people and companies in the business of modifying loans or helping prevent foreclosure that are licensed, legitimate, and qualified, the Department of Real Estate (DRE) advises all homeowners that you must be cautious. FRAUD WARNINGS FOR CALIFORNIA HOMEOWNERS IN FINANCIAL DISTRESS

COVID-19 Mortgage Forbearance Warning

VENTURA, California – District Attorney Gregory D. Totten warned today that county residents should be extra vigilant about mortgage, forbearance, and loan modification scams as financial predators seek to exploit the current COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the economic fallout from the COVID-19 virus, last month alone, mortgage forbearance requests increased by approximately 2000 […]

Assembly Select Committee on Cybersecurity

REFAT’s Jim Keith and Tony Wold participated in a committee hearing last week that was hosted by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin on cybersecurity. Click here to watch video

Wire Fraud Advisory

VENTURA, California – District Attorney Gregory D. Totten warned today of a fraud scheme in which individuals purchasing a home or engaging in business transactions can be tricked into wiring large sums of money to thieves.  Sadly, in many cases, the money cannot be retrieved. This scam is called Business Email Compromise (BEC).  Typically, the suspect […]

Post-Disaster Scam Advisory I VC District Attorney’s Office

District Attorney Gregory D. Totten warned today that county residents should exercise increased vigilance against scams designed to exploit residents impacted by the Thomas fire. The District Attorney recommends the following tips to avoid becoming a victim: ·         Scammers posing as insurance company representatives may call homeowners with an option to pay an increased premium over […]

Home Title Fraud: How It’s Done and How to Protect Yourself

Protect Yourself from home title fraud. See how its done and share the video with family and friends. Source: KTLA: POSTED 11:44 AM, SEPTEMBER 6, 2017, BY NANCY CRUZ  FILED IN: MORNING NEWS Protect Your Home From Title Fraud NOW!: Visit  

Advisory Release from the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office

District Attorney Gregory D. Totten warned today that county residents should be vigilant when using online listing services to secure rental housing. Such services do not typically verify that the person advertising a property is actually authorized to list the property for rent. This creates an opportunity for criminals to prey upon unsuspecting victims. Because […]

Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Issues Consumer Alert on Mortgage Loan Modification Scams

LOS ANGELES — Attorney General Kamala D. Harris issued a consumer alert today to warn homeowners about mortgage loan modification scams.  The California Department of Justice has received an increased number of complaints from homeowners and has also been contacted by mortgage servicers that have expressed concern about these scams. Scammers are calling and mailing […]

Home Mortgage Relief Through Litigation

Date: March, 2011 Home Mortgage Relief Through Litigation and “Too Good to Be True” Claims Regarding Its Use to Avoid and/or Stop Foreclosure, Obtain Loan Principal Reduction, and to Let You Have Your Home “Free and Clear” of Any Mortgage). This alert is written to warn consumers about marketing companies and others that offer and […]