Prevent, detect and report real estate fraud in Ventura County

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Forgery Deed Transfer

Imposter will use high pressure tactics or threats to frighten the senior into transferring. They will forge the homeowner’s signature and have the document falsely notarized.  The criminal will appear to own the property. That person could put it up for sale or use it as collateral to take out a loan. Do not allow yourself to be rushed into signing a quitclaim deed. Discuss the matter with others—such as relatives, friends or caregivers.

Rentback to Own Scam

Rent back to own tends to attract inexperienced, distressed homeowners. They say that surrendering the title will let a borrower with a better credit rating get new financing and prevent the loss of the home through foreclosure. The scam artist raises the rent over time so you can’t afford it. After missing several rent payments, You lose the house and the scam artist walks off with the money you put into it and the equity. You get evicted, leaving the “rescuer” free to sell the house.

Refinance Scam

If you’re a current homeowner who’s hoping to refinance your mortgage, scammers might be targeting you. If you’re interested in refinancing or modifying your loan, contact your lender first. Your lender might work with you on negotiating repayment terms.

Equity Purchase & Foreclosure

As you begin searching for a new apartment or home, Rental fraud happens when tenants are tricked into paying an upfront fee. You’re asked to send money via Western Union or Moneygram.The owner is out of town and can’t show you the property in person or Is the monthly rental rate too good to turn down? These are possible signs of rental listing scams. Victims lose their deposit and is not able to rent the property they thought they had secured with the payment. Do not send money to anyone advertising online and do not pay any money until you or a reliable contact has visited the property with an agent or landlord. 

Rental Fraud

A person who calls himself a buyer stops at your door and convinces you to sell your property to him for less than market value and promises to pay off your mortgage. Unfortunately, the buyer will make no effort to pay the mortgage payments, allowing the lender to foreclose on your property will result you losing your home and damaging your credit.